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International activities program

February 2020

Brussels Meeting

We believe that spreading awareness of the EU values, achievements and benefits, fostering smart debates and reflection and trying to channel EU criticism in a constructive dialogue, is possible only by raising citizens' level of media literacy. EU DEFENCE NETWORK moves in this direction.

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September - October 2020

Romania Meeting

The EU democratic process is increasingly challenged by the deliberate and systematic spreading of disinformation. Media literacy is more of an important factor in one’s life and can help people to prevent brainwashing by manipulated political messages.

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February 2022

Croatia Meeting

The purpose of raising citizens' media literacy level will be pursued by the educational experiment of introducing a media literacy program in the secondary schools of involved municipalities. We believe that our open democratic societies depend on the ability of citizens to access a variety of verifiable information so that they can form a view on different political issues. In this way, citizens have the opportunity to debate about the future of EU and challenge Euroscepticism, they can participate in an informed way in public debates and express their will through free and fair political processes.

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June 2022

Republic of North Macedonia Meeting

We consider media literacy as the ability to understand mass communication and analyzing its functions. Media literacy has increasingly become important in understanding the democratic process, democratic participation and promoting societal engagement of citizens at EU level.

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Final Meeting Belgium

Focusing on the detection and exposure of trending narratives, disinformation channels and disinformation techniques, the ambitious aim of this project is to try to channel criticism of the EU into positive driver for the European integration in the long run and to help the EU to come closer to its citizen and to increase their resilience.

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